Writing / Directing

Laurel Wetzork works in film and theatre as a producer, director, writer, and consultant.

She graduated from USC's Master of Professional Writing (Stage and Screen concentration) with highest honors in 2014, and with a BA from USC’s film school (production track).  For the 2103-14 year, she was the Stage and Screenplay Editor for the Southern California Review, the literary journal for USC's MPW program and while there, she increased submission rates by 1,000%.  She studied with such professional writers as Prince GomolvilasJon Robin BaitzTim KirkmanDinah LenneyMichael Price (The Simpsons), Mark RichardNatalie ChaidezBrighde Mullins, and Sandra Tsing Loh.  

In the film world, she’s worked with:  Tim Story (Barbershop), Guy Livneh, Elena Song, Lyse BeckDebbie Bolsky, Erika Gieschen, Robert Kral, Autumn McAlpin, Glenn Garland, Caron Tate, Eric Z. Yang, and others.  Her SAG experimental feature film Rogues, was featured at four of the top 20 US film festivals.  

Besides Laurel’s work in theater, she’s actively involved with the Los Angeles Female Playwrights Initiative (LAFPI), where she volunteers as the onstage editor for the Women At Work page.  Laurel is a member of the Dramatists Guild, and at its recent 2015 conference, led a workshop “Using the Senses: Character and Story Creation,” with Robin Byrd and Debbie Bolsky.  Laurel is also a member of (and occasional volunteer for) the International Centre for Women Playwrights

Her work as an independent writing consultant includes experience in non-fiction, fiction (novels, stage plays, screenplays), and also experience with web content creation, web pages, and more.  Fiction writers she's worked with have gone on to win screenwriting contests, sell pilots, and receive representation.  She has taught film and TV production, film history, screenwriting, playwriting, and directing courses at colleges and more. Please contact Laurel for more information.   

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