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My brief bio: I write stage plays, screenplays, and fiction novels. I also am an artist, directed an indie feature film, and have taught university level courses in film production, film history, and screenwriting. I received my Master’s degree from USC’s Master of Professional Writing (highest honors), and my BA from USC’s film school (production track, also highest honors). I’ve studied under these professional writers; Prince GomolvilasJon Robin BaitzTim KirkmanDinah LenneyMichael Price (The Simpsons), Mark RichardNatalie ChaidezBrighde Mullins, and Sandra Tsing Loh

Currently I’m executive producer for the comedic stage play Ashes to Ashes by Debbie Bolsky, am co-founder of The Athena Cats, and have many more fiction ideas shouting to be written. Those ideas are written down in short form and are safely hidden in files until they calm down (and I finish the other work).

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