Currently in the works:

BAJA DREAMS: In an attempt to trace her missing sister, Keri Martin takes on her sister’s old job as chef aboard the luxury sailboat The Enchantress. Passenger Greg Ronan claims he’s only trying to track down his wife’s murderer, but hides secrets of his own. Keri and Greg team up, but must tread deep and dangerous waters as they attempt to unravel a web of intrigue, murder, and deadly lies.

ABOUT FACE: Disgraced ex-CIA agent Stuart Gage is told by the CIA to undertake an ‘easy' job to rehabilitate his career – or risk a life-long jail sentence. Ordered to pull off a theft and a hit that even the CIA won’t touch, Stuart tangles with traitors, old enemies, and several killers on his trail as he tries desperately to stay alive.

OLIVE ANOTHER: A murder mystery series set in a fictional central California coast town.


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