A CHRISTMAS PRAYER:  Director, music video, here is our link: or on YouTube: 

SHADOW:  Co-producer on Autumn McAlpin's film, currently finished with the film festival circuit. Here's a link:  Shadow, the Movie.

ROGUES:  Director, writer, co-producer.  A psychological thriller, 2004.  Rogues was Laurel and John Wetzork's debut feature film. Based on Laurel's theatrical play, Sisterly Love, Rogues has completed the film festival circuit and the company is now closed. Follow this link to view our trailer, and you can visit to see more about the cast and crew.


PICTURE PERFECT FAMILY CHRISTMAS: Teenager Kaitlyn Froidmoot’s plans for a picture perfect holiday fall apart when her family cancels Christmas and her subversive tactics to bring it back threaten to destroy her family entirely. 

UNTITLED THRILLER (in the works) a political thriller about a newsman who discovers too much about the very popular president. 

ALYSSA and THE MAGIC CROWN:  Eleven-year old Alyssa is magically whisked away to another planet, where she must use her musical talents to save a dying Prince, his kingdom, the Princess, and defeat the most evil sorcerer of all time. 


THE KA’NETH REPUBLIC: Corieal Keneng, an up-from-the-slums hotshot pilot and reluctant Memorist, must discover the  truth about her husband’s death and decides to join with the Rebels in their plan to overthrow the Emperor of the Ka’Neth Republic (in the works). 

NCIS, "Murky Waters" (sample spec):  When a prototype amphibious EFV (Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle) goes missing and ends up in a lake with a tortured, murdered Marine inside, Gibbs puts his own life on the line as he and his team seek to exonerate the prime suspect — the drug-crazed Marine who survived. 

CC SAR:  one-hour pilot which follows the heroism of an elite volunteer search and rescue team. First place award, Best TV pilot, Santa Barbara Screenwriting Competition.

MAX'S MAGICAL TREEHOUSE - A magical, fun, lighthearted children's half-hour show originally developed through Kids 1st Productions. Through various 'theme of the day' tracks, a feeling of community with others is developed, along with an emphasis on encouraging reading, creativity, and the rejection of stereotypes.             

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