Laurel focuses on developmental and structural notes, editing, and content creation. She’s worked on scientific grants, fiction books, non-fiction books, stage plays, screenplays, web content creation, web pages, and more. 

“I ask questions to help uncover what you, the writer, want to say, so that your voice and vision are brought to life, and no one else’s."

People say:


I’ve gone to Laurel for feedback many times, and every time she’s given me fantastic detailed and in-depth notes on how to improve my story, characters and dialogue. Her line edits are also brilliant, she has an excellent grasp of how to make the biggest bang with the least words. I also love Laurel's willingness to discuss her notes and have an exchange about how to implement them. She has the ability to see the big picture and at the same time, change one word that makes all the difference. Her suggestions and insights have undeniably made me a better writer. I’m very grateful for the endless hours and effort she’s spent improving my stories and my skills.   Lyse B., screenwriter


As a new fiction writer (but professional non-fiction writer) with a half-finished book on my hands, I went to another editor on the advice of a friend, and almost stopped writing as a result.  Once I struggled back to my story after weeks of self-doubt, I resolved not to share my novel with anyone until my book was finished and ready for the meat grinder of callous criticism.  Then I got ‘stuck’ with my plot and had trouble with my characters. I couldn’t figure out how to fix the story and spun my writing wheels for several months. I finally took a chance and shared my chapters with Laurel. She asked questions, and asked more and more questions that helped me to figure out what I needed to do to make my novel better. She also had gentle suggestions for how to improve my writing, advice that I’ve been using ever since. The questions that she asked in our discussions led to my ‘aha’ moment so that I changed the plot and created a strong antagonist for my protagonist to fight against. I'm happy to report that my serious case of writer's block has disappeared. I am in the process of revising the draft of a 120,000+ word novel that I never thought I would finish. Laurel is my only choice for reading and critiquing the final draft before it goes out to publishers or agents. 

No matter what your writing skill level is, Laurel can provide expert help with the story, the plot, English syntax, passive voice, character development, descriptions, dialog and more. She will ask you, “What type of review of your work would you like?”  I didn’t even know there were different types of reviews! Laurel has a wonderful gift for taking your precious newborn book and responding to it with the right words of encouragement. When you get back her comments and her questions, you realize with relief that she’s not going to eviscerate your baby or try to dress it in different clothing, she won’t try to feed it strange food or tell you how ugly it is and what you need to do to whip it into shape. You are the author of your book, and she won’t ever silence your voice. — Catharine H. sci-fi fantasy novelist


Some of the companies and individuals (partial list) she’s  worked with:

Grow: editing, video consultant, grant writer

Kluge Interactive: web content, editing, research

JLR Interactive: collaborator/editor for the book UX Strategy: How to Devise Innovative Digital Products that People Want, by Jamie Levy

Debbie Bolsky: website designer, content creation, editing

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